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  Over Twenty years ago, we began researching log home companies and building methods in preparation of designing and building our dream home.  Countless months and many log home companies later, we designed and built, what we thought was our dream home.  Completing ALL the construction ourselves: including design, obtaining financing, managing the project, and lots of HARD WORK.  Eleven months later we began enjoying log home living. 

Our family and friends were enamored by our home and we always enjoyed showing it off.  So, in 2004, when we decided to move to Nashville, we found ourselves looking for a new home and selling our first log home, THAT WAS HARD!  We quickly determined that we would not be satisfied with anything but another log home.

Having been away from the research for over 10 years, we performed our due diligence and purveyed the log home companies.  We were surprised to find that many were no longer in business and even more surprised at the number of new entrants to the industry.  One evening we began discussing how enjoyable it would be to help others realize their dream of building and living in a log home – the rest is history…


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